Five Ways to Stress Out Your Pilates Trainer

A couple of months ago, I had a drink with a dear friend of mine, a successful corporate lawyer in a big pharmaceutical company. We talked about all kinds of stuff, from new trends in trademark law and freshly patented inventions in the fitness industry to dealing with long-distance relationships and coping with stress at work. One moment she smiled and kindly mentioned that, well, Pilates trainers do not encounter that much stress. Read more

Can You Care Too Much About Your Pilates Client?

A couple of years ago a future client of mine – a flight attendant in her late twenties -booked a one-on-one Pilates class with me: because of many hours spent in the air during the transatlantic flights, she felt physically uncomfortable most of the time, with her lower back aching and her neck cracking.

We had a super friendly introductory class, where I estimated her exercise capacity, explained what we were going to do over the next few weeks, and introduced her to a few basic exercises to get a taste of Pilates benefits and a feeling of what Pilates is about. She booked the next class, and just in the moment when we were about to say goodbye to each other, Read more

How to Deal with Seven Nightmares of Every Pilates Trainer

One chilly morning I was sipping my coffee, thinking about how awesome should it feel to be a morning person (a mystery for me, despite having my first Pilates clients at 6:30 a.m.). I was reading The Bloomberg Businessweek magazine to stay sharp and tuned because being a Pilates teacher is not only about stretching cheerfully all day long and giving advice on how to get slimmer ankles.  Read more

Seven Secrets I Wish I Had Known Before Opening My Pilates Studio

They say human mind constantly evolves. I am not sure if it was evolution or just jumping into deep waters like in that ‘legitimate’ learning swimming technique. But after a few years of teaching experience in fitness, Pilates, and dance, I decided to launch my studio, primarily, because I had a bunch of ideas in my head about how things should be done.  Read more

Cycling. Seventeen Reasons Why You Should!

There can be few of us who didn’t learn to ride a bike when we were young, and when we did, we discovered a whole new world of freedom and the ability to explore in a fresh and exciting way. But then something happened. Somebody gave us our first cigarette; our first drink. We discovered the opposite sex or, worst of all, we learned to drive. We became sedentary. We abandoned the healthy joy of the open road, fresh air and the addictive pleasure of actively using our muscles to go somewhere, in favour of addictions of a less savoury kind. Read more

Twenty Proven Fitness and Nutrition Tips to Drop Those Pounds Easily

Yes, we know: our body is perfect already. But deep inside we also know that there’s always room for improvement. So, here we’ve gathered the golden rules to squeeze the most out of every day, in terms of fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Forget about weight loss pills, ready-made meals, and crash diets: the key to success is to make lasting lifestyle changes, train smart, and have fun 🙂  Read more

Honestly, Why Do Many Pilates Trainers I See on Video Seem to Be Unfit?

That is the exact question I was asked to provide an answer to by Quora – the world’s bank of questions and answers. The irony here is that Quora distributes the questions automatically, judging on authors’ credentials only.  So, on one hand, it sincerely is “waiting” for my answer, since I am a Pilates instructor, and, from another hand, the reaction such “laughing out loud” and “Screw you!” wouldn’t be appropriate and sufficient. So, I call my 12+ years of Pilates and fitness experience, and my lawyer background (to stay objective), and here is 2,5K word long, juicy and (almost) non-biased answer to this question, based on ten different approaches.  Read more