Don’t Be So Shy… or How to Make the Most Fitness from Your Workplace

Fitness habits at work boost your creativity, break up your office routine and simply make you happy. Start with baby steps, like drinking enough water, and other ways to exercise at your workplace, and perhaps one day, you will lead your entire company into a healthy future.

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Back to School: How to Save Your Kids Posture

We don’t mean to overstate the obvious, but sitting for hours at a desk could be harmful for your child’s posture and health in general. While you can’t control your child every second she/he is at school, you can follow our easy-to-implement recommendations on how to beat the consequences of “sedentary school lifestyle”. Here they are: 10 tips to improve your child’s posture. As a free little bonus: you can use them all too. Read more

That Diet Didn’t Work Either. What’s Next?

To eat or not to eat after 6 pm? Is it worthwhile trying a detox dieting program? And how to lose weight in a week, ideally – in a day? Today we have prepared a trustworthy nutrition guide for you. And we start by exploring an amazing phenomena called “in diet we trust”. So, why do we keep falling for diets?

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Five Fresh Tips to Work Smarter

Let’s presume you know the basics of being productive, such as planning your day, delegating, and the principle of ‘eating the ugly frog first’. We’re going to dig deeper and present you with five unconventional, work smarter, not harder tips. Hopefully, all of them are provocative enough to persuade you to try at least one of them. Pick your favorite and try it for a week – and when it pays off (and we believe it will), you may want to try another one. So, that’s the way it works: one simple change at a time to become the more productive (and less stressed) you.

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