Back to School: How to Save Your Kids Posture

We don’t mean to overstate the obvious, but sitting for hours at a desk could be harmful for your child’s posture and health in general. While you can’t control your child every second she/he is at school, you can follow our easy-to-implement recommendations on how to beat the consequences of “sedentary school lifestyle”. Here they are: 10 tips to improve your child’s posture. As a free little bonus: you can use them all too. Read more

The One-Minute Posture Correcting Exercise

This video demonstrates the best exercise to improve posture. Please repeat on both sides. All you need for posture improvement – to practice daily this half a minute workout to improve posture. A better posture is guaranteed!

And if you have 20 minutes – check out this Posture Improving workout!

Need more guidance on posture improvement? Check this out:  A Non Yawn-inducing Guide on How to Improve Posture