Seven Secrets I Wish I Had Known Before Opening My Pilates Studio

They say human mind constantly evolves. I am not sure if it was evolution or just jumping into deep waters like in that ‘legitimate’ learning swimming technique. But after a few years of teaching experience in fitness, Pilates, and dance, I decided to launch my studio, primarily, because I had a bunch of ideas in my head about how things should be done.  Read more

Fifty Absolutely Awesome Motivational Phrases from Personal Trainers

Whether you are just starting out, becoming curious about how to get fit, and are looking for those special offers for beginners at the nearest gym, or you are already a fitness nut who nails two workouts a day and runs ten miles every morning, we can all, sometimes, use that little extra bite of motivation. Us too! So we asked a number of personal trainers, all with different workout focuses (indoor cycling, Pilates, and running), to share the favourite motivational pitches and phrases they use in their classes. Read more

Top Fifteen Fitness & Health Related TED Talks to Watch This Winter Holidays

As you already, probably, know, TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas that worth sharing. All TED Talks are usually up 18 minutes and cover almost all topics you could imagine— from pursuing your passion to becoming a better listener to saving rainforests — in more than 100 languages. Most of these talks are fascinating.

Surprisingly, while there are many playlists on the website to feed your inner inspiring pieces explorer, there is no playlist of health, fitness, and exercises related talks. So, we diligently curated all the content out there – and here is our suggested cream of the crop powerful speeches about sports motivation, exercising, and health, just in case you want to switch temporarily from Netflix this Christmas vacation.  Read more

Ten Awesome Fitness Quotes That Will Shape Your Motivation

Sometimes we need something a bit more inspiring that “Just Do It” to keep exercising regularly. Luckily, the world’s greatest minds have already gathered all fitness wisdom. Here they are:  Ten Best Workout Motivational Quotes to help you to exercise today.  Read thoroughly, print in colour and wrap them with one of beautiful photo frames. Just remember: you don’t get the butt you want by sitting on it (and that’s the quote N1!)

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Top Stories of the Week/19.11-26.11/Fitvize

What to do inside when it’s chilly outside? Have a cup of cocoa and read our Fitvize Digest to be in tune with what’s new in fitness, health, and wellbeing. What is in Fitbit for adults, what are seven excellent ways to boost your sports motivation, and how jogging beats the effects of alcohol overconsumption? We diligently curated the latest content of top online resources, and here is a short and sweet bundle of the most popular and inspiring stuff in the passing week. Stay warm and informed.

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8 Thanksgiving Tips from Your Fitness Instructor

Worry about how to stay fit and not to gain some extra pounds during the Thanksgiving? Well, you should be. Researches show that almost all people tend to fall into a food-induced coma during six weeks holiday period from the Thanksgiving to the New Year’s Eve, and crush the results of healthy nutrition habits and vigorous exercising. We prepared 8 Essential Tips from fitness professionals on how to stay fit, healthy, and happy on that Turkey day. And a 5-minute cardio workout at home that boosts your metabolism and mood: think about it as a sider to your juicy turkey and pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Choose a Personal Trainer (and Gym). Part 3: The Cost

How much do personal trainers charge? Why are personal fitness trainers so expensive? And is a personal trainer worth it? This article aims to help you understand the value for money personal training provides and make an informed decision regarding hiring the personal trainer.

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