12 Surprising Things I Learned After Waking Up with Pilates for 12 Months

I am a Pilates instructor and haven’t had a single day without Pilates morning workout in exactly 12 months. Mostly, I have sessions via Skype with my clients (since our family moved to a new country, it is the most convenient way to continue practicing with my students from the previous location), and self-practice when I am on vacation or so.

And I would love to write about my experience and one of my clients’, in case someone hesitates whether morning workouts are worth it: getting up early, in our case – when it is still deep dark outside. With a year of Pilates mornings, we did notice some side effects or, better to say, benefits of exercising in the morning.

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A Morning Workout video

Hello Dear!

This is a morning workout to perform before breakfast (or your first cup of espresso). This morning workout routine improves your posture, tones your abs, stretches all your body and inspires you to start your day in a healthy way.


To find out more awesome morning exercises for your body and mind, read our article Good Morning, Sunshine! or How to Build-in a Total Body Workout into Your No-time-at-all Mornings


How to Build-in a Total Body Workout into Your No-time-at-all Mornings

Let us start with a story about a friend of ours. The day she moved to Warsaw, Poland, before going to bed for the first time in her new apartment, her significant other opened the window saying “let the first morning sunshine wake us up in the morning!” The next day, what actually woke them was the wake-the-dead sound of a waste truck driving by their house. For them, the meaning of the word “sunshine” has been changed forever.

If you think about it, that story could be symbolic for many people.

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