Want To Get Flexible Fast? Read This Before You Start Your Stretching Routine

This morning one of my Pilates clients made a post-holiday remark I often hear: “Oh, I felt so stiff before the class! Now I am much better!” It reminded me that flexibility is one of those things we do not appreciate for its own sake, but we definitely notice its absence, or when we lack it. So, today’s post is all about flexibility and stretching: How do you define flexibility; Guidelines for flexibility training; and How flexible can Pilates make you. And, as a free bonus:  How to finally master the splits? Read more

So, You’re JUST a Pilates Instructor? Oh… I See.

I love my Dad. I really do. But every time we talk via Skype (since we live in different countries it is the most convenient way to communicate so far) he asks me whether I plan to gain a new profession or apply for any job. “But Daddy, I have a job already: I am a Pilates instructor, a personal trainer, you know,” – “But it is not even a real thing!” And I am absolutely sure that every Pilates instructor experiences once in a while that questioning from others (not only relatives) whether their job is worth doing.  Read more

How Much Do You Charge For Your Pilates Class? …Are You Nuts?!

Perhaps, the question “Why are your classes so pricey?” is the most sensible one among other things you may need to get used to hearing as a Pilates instructor. So, today I want to share my personal story as a Pilates trainer and Pilates studio owner on determining what to charge for a class. It took me 6+ years to get used to answering the question about price without questioning my credentials and sanity afterwards, and I really hope this article will shorten this inevitable, but not such a pleasant journey for other trainers. So, let’s give it an honest (slightly biased, maybe) look at how much a Pilates class may/should cost.  Read more

A Christmas Devotional: What’s It Like Being a Pilates Instructor?

One beautiful day after a morning Pilates class, my client told me that since I knew a lot about Pilates, I needed to register in Quora – world question bank with answers-  and start answering various Pilates-related questions to share my passion and help other people.  So, after classes that day, I actually did it: registered in Quora, filled in my credentials and started looking for Pilates questions, ready to serve. The next minute, Quora joyfully informed me that the question of a perfect match had found me instead. Whohoo! The next minute or so, I laughed so hard my perfect core was aching because the question that popped out was “How many calories one burns while pooping?” Read more

Fast and Furious: Ten Benefits of Indoor Cycling I Didn’t Know About

I have always been a Pilates and dance girl, not that I do not respect runners and cyclers – I do! – But I know what particular type of workout suits my body composition the best and honor it. Also, I am a passionate long-distance walker, up to 15-20 km a day. You know, it is not that challenging, I just walk wherever I need grocery shopping, work, cafes, etc.

This winter, with dust and snow in the face, long walking is not fun anymore. Therefore, I searched for indoor cardio activity with a minimum strength component and found the indoor cycling class. And… I fell in love with it. So, today’s story is how cycling compliments my Pilates (you see the irony here, don’t you? Usually all stories are vice versa – what are Pilates benefits for sports).  Read more

Prenatal Pilates: Benefits, Regime Guidance and Precautions to Mind

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? What prenatal exercise regime is recommended? What are the best frequency, duration, and intensity of exercise? In this article, you will find the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period, the benefits of prenatal Pilates and other workouts, and precautions.  Read more

Top Fifteen Fitness & Health Related TED Talks to Watch This Winter Holidays

As you already, probably, know, TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas that worth sharing. All TED Talks are usually up 18 minutes and cover almost all topics you could imagine— from pursuing your passion to becoming a better listener to saving rainforests — in more than 100 languages. Most of these talks are fascinating.

Surprisingly, while there are many playlists on the website to feed your inner inspiring pieces explorer, there is no playlist of health, fitness, and exercises related talks. So, we diligently curated all the content out there – and here is our suggested cream of the crop powerful speeches about sports motivation, exercising, and health, just in case you want to switch temporarily from Netflix this Christmas vacation.  Read more