Top Stories of the Week/04.12-10.12/Fitvize

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and read our Fitvize Digest to be in tune with what’s new in fitness, health, and wellbeing. What is the best gift for your workout obsessed friend, why you should move around more often  next year, and how to please the insufferable fit foodie in your life? We diligently curated the latest content of top online resources, and here is a short and sweet bundle of the most popular and inspiring stuff in the passing week to get you into the spirit of Christmas.

1. Keep It Moving, by Gretchen Reynolds, The New York Times

It is not always easy to commit to a healthy lifestyle. To make doing so even harder, the latest researches show that too much sitting seems to make people’s bodies exercise-resistant. So, active couch potatoes are in same danger as, well, non-active ones. Stand up and keep it moving!

2. Are smartwatches winding down? by John Biggs, TechCrunch

They say a person doesn’t need a smartwatch and often doesn’t want one and when she has one there is no reason to buy a new one… Because smartwatches are more electronic devices than orientation tools, they will hardly survive the next decade as a viable product, especially as smaller devices can become smarter and more connected. So, this Christmas may be the last chance for the fancy FitBit or Apple Watch to fit for the Christmas stockings.

3. 13 Gifts for Your Fit Friends That Aren’t Leggings or Sneakers, by Molly Ritterbeck, The Greatist

The beauty of this guide sparkles from the very beginning: “We all have one. That annoying inspiring friend who is somehow always working out (at least according to their #mondaymotivation, #transformationtuesday, and #workoutwednesday Instagrams). Since they already live in a state of pre-gym/at gym/post-gym, surprise them with something other than spandex and sneakers.” Read, smile, and buy.

4. Fourteen Great Gifts for the Insufferable Foodie in Your Life, by Kate Krader, Bloomberg Pursuits 

We need all that!!! Endless oysters for a year, a gravity defying decanter, vintage coffee and tequila-infused chocolate! A bit pricy, but hey, haven’t you deserved primo-chocolate-covered puffed rice with caramelized hazelnuts and mini meringues is the breakfast of choice from star pastry chef instead of a regular cup of cereals this Christmas?

5. Forget the eggnog and grab champagne instead (and other smart holiday swaps), by Ellie Krieger, The Washington Post 

It is comforting to know that you can have healthier choices of your favourite Christmas foods this days. For example, four flutes of champagne instead of one mug eggnog with rum 😉

6. Travel, Fitness and Activewear Holiday Gift Guide 2016, by Larry Olmsted, Forbes

This gift guide speaks to your inner adventurer. With featured there perfect stylish travel bags & accessories you will be ready to explore the world well-groomed and in style.

7. Best wine gifts: Decanter gift guide 2017, by Ellie Douglas, Decanter

Lots of great wine gifts for Christmas. Need we say more?

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