8 Thanksgiving Tips from Your Fitness Instructor

Worry about how to stay fit and not to gain some extra pounds during the Thanksgiving? Well, you should be. Researches show that almost all people tend to fall into a food-induced coma during six weeks holiday period from the Thanksgiving to the New Year’s Eve, and crush the results of healthy nutrition habits and vigorous exercising. We prepared 8 Essential Tips from fitness professionals on how to stay fit, healthy, and happy on that Turkey day. And a 5-minute cardio workout at home that boosts your metabolism and mood: think about it as a sider to your juicy turkey and pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Change your focus from food to fun.

Just remember, Thanksgiving is not all about food, even not about post-thanksgiving workout and remorse; it is about family, fun, and gratitude. It is the jolly time you spend with your family and friends while not only eating serious amounts of delicious foods but also having fun and physical activities together. Go for a long walk all together: it’s time to listen, to exchange the news, and to say thank you.

Exercise not to be able to eat more later but to celebrate your body, motivation, and health

2. Organize Thanksgiving Day family event.

It is not about a workout; it is about bonding with your beloved ones. A football game, baseball, running, whatever team playing sport comes to your mind – go for it! It could be pure fun and the moments to remember long after that day.

3. Treat yourself to a short workout.

Once again, change your focus: you want to exercise not to be able to eat more later but to celebrate your body, motivation, and healthy lifestyle habits. There’s no reason to skip working out, but if you are super busy that day, keep in mind the keynote: less is more. Some exercise is better than none at all; even a 5-minute morning cardio workout will boost your metabolism and help you stay in shape. And, since it’s only 5 minutes, why not do it twice?

A workout is a celebration of what your body can do, not the punishment for what you eat

4. Stay hydrated.

Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated (doing so could suppress false hunger sparks). We do not suggest you drink 8 glasses of water and go to the bathroom every half an hour at family dinner, of course, no. Warm lemon water in the morning, green leaves, and fruits during the day, a cup of soup and ginger tea in the afternoon will make it all.

5. Honor your breakfast.

As simple as the vital principle of healthy nutrition: eating a small meal in the morning can give you more control over your appetite during the day. Also, you will have all day to spend calories you consumed at breakfast, so no reason to limit yourself here.

Thanksgiving Tips from Your Fitness Instructor - at https://fitvize.com
Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated

6. Out of sight – out of mind.

If possible, hide all the foods before the evening, so it does not tease your brains into a false sense of hunger. And do you really need to try every meal while cooking it? Eat less and exercise more is the winning formula to prevent weight gain during the holidays.

7. Be grateful for the fit&health journey you have already taken.

There is always something to be thankful for: a patient fitness instructor, a good friend who invited you long ago to share a private workout with her, your better half, who presented you fancy yoga leggings last summer… Besides, it is not happiness that makes us grateful. It’s gratefulness that makes us happy. If you think it’s happiness that makes you grateful, think again. It’s gratefulness that makes you happy (watch this incredible Ted Talk)

Count your blessings, not your calories

8. A little party never hurts anybody.

Nothing helps family bonding more than a dance party. Gather a group, turn up the tunes, and hit the dance floor. It may help you digest all that potato pie too. Turkey dance, anyone?

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