Doctor’s Guide to Eye Health: How to Protect Your Vision

Do you want to keep your eyes healthy? Perhaps, are you wondering how to protect your eyesight? We all are looking for credible sources to find answers. Although we are cynical about insurance companies and pharmacists, we still believe in the physicians. That is why a doctor is interviewed. Elena Boretska, an ophthalmologist of the first class category, with 23 years’ experience, answers medical questions regarding preventive eye care, ways to improve vision, and recommended eye exercises*.

What should we do to protect our vision while working at the computer?  

Try to take often breaks while working at the computer. One break in an hour, even better – every 40 minutes. Get up for 3-5 minutes, boil the kettle, sip your coffee – while doing so, your eyes get enough rest.

Actually, at the computer, our eyes face two major challenges: not enough eyeballs’ movement, therefore, muscle apparatus weakens because of statics, and overdry of eye mucosa, because we rarely blink, while focusing on the screen. Eye capillaries become wider and eyes become red – all these are consequences of the fact computer users and television watchers tend to blink less, especially when they are intently focused on something. By the way, blinking is an often overlooked yet simple way to keep your eyes fresh and being able to focus longer.

Doctor’s Guide to Eye Health: How to Protect Your Vision - at
Try to take often breaks while working at the computer

So, what can we do to protect our eyesight? First, periodically hydrate your eyes with eye drops.

Second, do eye gymnastics as often as you can. Preferably – two times a day.  Our eyes need regular exercise in order to keep them healthy, just like any other muscle in the body.

Third, although there is no scientific proof that blueberries and any vegetables could perfect your vision, green leaves, leafy vegetables, and berries should be an essential part of your healthy nutrition.

What eye exercises do you recommend?

There are sets of simple yet effective preventive exercises for eyes, which I recommend performing daily, 4-6 repetitions of each. These exercises will strengthen the muscles in your eyes and help you maintain your current vision level.

1. Horizontal eye movement: look right, look left, relax and blink your eyes

2. Eyeballs movement vertically: look up, look down, relax and blink your eyes

3. Rotate your eyeballs 8 circles clockwise and counterclockwise, blink

4. Close your eyes as tightly as you can, open your eyes wide open, relax

5. Eye movement diagonally: look up left, look down right, relax and blink. Then look up right, look down left, relax and blink

6. Blink as fast as you can for 10 seconds

7. Close your eyes by looking at the tip of your nose

8. Near and far focusing

What would be your advice on how to take care of the eyesight?

Visit your eye doctor regularly!

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*Please keep in mind that without seeing you and examining you the doctor cannot make accurate diagnoses and recommendations. The suggestions given in this post are for general information only.

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