20 Skills You Can Learn in 10 minutes That Will be Useful for the Rest of Your Life

Call out your inner overachiever and self-improvement addict. Welcome 20 awesome skills and small things that help you could save you numerous hours in future, so, you can spend that time on… you know, day dreaming and procrastinating 🙂 Or reaching your lifetime goals and strengthening family relationships. Please note that all links are from credible online sources.

So, in 10 minutes or less you can learn:

1. A simple way to break a bad habit 

2. Five ways to listen better

3. A way to make work-life balance work

4. The art of passionate living

5. How to keep the drive to keep creating after a great success or an epic failure 

6. Effective scheduling

7. The best way of packing your suitcase

8. Basic etiquette rules

9. Healthy nutrition guidelines

10. How to let Speed reading go 

11. Rules to mix and match colours in your outfit

12. Computer shortcuts & special characters

13. How to build a total body workout into your busy morning

14. How to make perfect hard or soft boiled eggs

15. How to tie a bow tie

16. How to improve your posture

17. Tips to travelling light 

18. First aid guide

19. How to make and keep a family budget

20. How to make a good first impression

Good luck!


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