Top Stories of the Week/05.11-11.11/Fitvize

Grab your favourite mug of coffee, sit back in your favourite plush chair, and keep reading to be in tune with what’s new in fitness, health and wellbeing. Which sport shoes manufacturer people blame after Trump’s victory, which safety feature of wearables is welcomed by all runners, and why we still don’t have birth control drugs for men? We diligently curated the latest content of top online resources, and here is a short and sweet bundle of the most popular & inspiring stuff in the passing week. Stay warm and informed.

1. New Balance Burned for Praising Trump’s Trade Stance, by Kim Bhasin, Bloomberg

“I will not buy New Balance again ever,” one customer wrote. The reason for that is the privately held Boston shoemaker’s remark that Trump’s imminent ascension to the White House is a move in the “right direction.” And now, as protests against U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump roil cities across America, people have found a corporate logo to symbolize their anger and dismay – it’s emblazoned on the side of their shoes.

2. Garmin brings Strava’s safety system to its fitness wearables, by Brian Heater, TechCrunch

Recently, fitness social network Strava introduced Beacon, a safety feature designed to calm down the friends and families of long distance runners know they’re stating out of harm’s way (giant dogs, for example). So, the Strava premium add-on sends real-time updates to a select list of contacts, so a runner can be located, should anything occur. The feature is available today on the range of wearable devices.

3. Here’s A Major Health Reason To Get Outside During The Wintertime, by Carolyn Gregoire, The Huffington Post

While the link between sunshine and your mood is nothing new, recent researches show that the association may be even stronger than previously realized. Make time to get outside, even when it’s cold out: more sunshine, more happiness.

4.  8 Things Successful People Do To Look Confident (Even When They Aren’t), by Avery Blank, Forbes

We all know that confidence is key to success. This article suggests you consider a few tips on how to boost your confidence, such as making eye contact with people, shaking hands like you mean it, and standing up straight. Well, it never hurts to revisit some of the basics!

5. Putting Sugary Soda Out of Reach, by Anahad O’Connornov, The New York Times

Thats a nice example of how one medical institution refuses to profit off of a product that its doctors say causes metabolic disease. “Practice what you preach” in action.

6. Why We Still Don’t Have Birth Control Drugs for Men, by Emily Mullin, MIT Technology Review

To feed your curiosity, there are two major challenges to bringing these products to the market. First, blocking the production of millions of sperm per day in men versus preventing the release of one egg per month in women is just more complicated, biologically speaking. Second, there’s little funding available for clinical trials of these drugs. To find out more, follow the link above.

7. Is this yoga? It’s a bit of a stretch…, by Lucy Fry, The Telegraph 

In this hilarious yet thought-provoking article the experienced yoga teacher asks what is the world of yoga coming to because of opportunistic marketeers and desperate fitness trainers who want to offer something extra to their clientele. Yoga with dogs, naked yoga and other kinds of yoga that do not facilitate anything other than a descent into absurdism. Find out more in this 2 minute reading.

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