Fit Friday: 10 Lazy Ways to Exercise

Either you are a fitness nut who exercises every day and diligently prepares green smoothies, or a potato coach who is lazy even to open previously downloaded fitness application, there is a day in a week when your fitness motivation drastically goes down – it is Friday. Friday messes with your fitness plans like diet coke does with your diet. You want to go have a drink or two with your friends, take revenge from 4 days starving healthy nutrition, and forget at least for a day that nasty principle “fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life.” We understand your concerns and have prepared the 10 Friday ways to trick your body and mind into better shape.

Please welcome your Friday Total-Body Workout Plan:

1. Go for a long walk with no cash for a taxi. The beauty of this fitness exercise is that by the time you realize you are not fit enough for long-distance walking, you have already walked away too far. However, it is really comforting to know that recent researches show that a half an hour intense walking equals to a conventional cardio workout in the gym.

2. Perform a set of one-sided strength exercises like single-leg glute bridges, single leg squats, single-arm dumbbell lift, side planks, etc. No matter how under-motivated you are, you are going to complete these exercises for both sides (except you do actually want one leg bulkier than another, of course).

Fit Friday: 10 lazy Ways to Exercise - at
A half an hour intense walking is a good way to stay fit

3. Eat a really good lunch. Remember that joke “You are what you eat! – Ok, then I need to eat a skinny person!” The good news is that we encourage you not to limit yourself at lunch. You will surely burn those calories for the rest of the day, and a good lunch will help you to resist copycat eating impulse at dining with friends in the evening.

4. An unexpected tip: in the office, whenever you can, squeeze your glutes while standing, 100 times. It’s fun and counts as an actual butt workout! Just give it a try! If you wonder how else you can entertain yourself during office hours, check out our office fitness guide.

5. Unfriend your Margarita for one evening. If you ever tried to count how many calories you burn on the treadmill, you know that by the minute you are sweating and hating all skinny people in the world, the counter shows 200-400 kcal.  Considering that one 8.5 oz. Margarita cocktail contains up to 700 kcal due to sugar – rich alcohol in it; the day you skip that beverage could be counted as the day you have run 5-10 km. A bit convoluted, still true.

6. Go to sleep earlier. Numerous researches show that one additional hour of nap elongates your life and make you healthier. Are these not the results all exercise aim at?

Fit Friday: 10 Lazy Ways to Exercise -at
One additional hour of nap elongates your life and make you healthier

7. If you unavoidably have to go out this evening instead of catching beauty sleep, go to cinema drama instead of comedy: some researches show that people tend to eat significantly more popcorn while watching comedies than other types of movies.

8. Go dancing! Even if you think that your style of dancing is embarrassing and visually offensive, heat the dance floor – get your exercises done! Dancing is a whole-body workout that’s pure fun. It’s good for your heart; it makes you stronger, and it will help with balance and coordination. A half-an-hour dance class burns up to 250 calories, about the same as jogging. But who counts, when it comes to the merry-go-round!

9. Treat yourself with a 90-minute deep tissue massage. Massage therapy improves your muscle tone, firms your body, and interrupts stress – inducing patterns of tweaked muscles. And the best part of it – you have nothing to do there, just lie down and relax.

Fit Friday: 10 Lazy Ways to Exercise - at
Dancing is a whole-body workout that’s pure fun!

10. Go speed dating. Participants are rotated to meet each other over a series of short “dates,” and the fitness part of this process is that you need to move to move on. Stand up, take a few steps, and sit down – up to 30 times during the evening! Let’s count that as an interval workout.

The family version of that kind of activity is the “chair game,” when the group places chairs in a circle, invites one person to stand in the middle, so there would be a vacant chair. The place of the empty seat is in constant movement due to the movement of the group, preventing the person in the middle from taking that seat. Eventually, the person in the middle makes a successful lunge for a seat (it can get very dramatic), the group member who was aiming for the seat (group consensus) now goes in the middle. The fun can last for hours.

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