How To Stay Hydrated When It’s Cold Outside

Of course, you know that proper hydration is essential in winter as much as in summer. And yet somehow at the end of the rainy, chilly day all your thoughts are about hot cheesy pizza, not a refreshing beverage. That’s absolutely natural baby; it’s cold outside! All you need is a few effective tips on how to remember to drink enough water and guidance on how to make the process of hydration in autumn more pleasant and cozy.  So, here are easy seasonal strategies on how to get some extra H2O.

1. Start your day with a Big Mug of Warm Lemon Water

…optionally – with a half of spoon of honey. It’s an awesome way to ease your transition from a warm bed into the daily routine. Every single morning after getting out of bed, squeeze a slice of a lemon into warm water and drink it during your busy morning routine. Lemon water has many benefits for your body, with hydration being the first one of them.

2.  Want to Stay Warm? Drink Warm Beverages!

That cry for warm pizza we mentioned above may be caused by your body’s wish to keep your internal temperature optimal. Anytime you want to fuel yourself with something calorie full, go for a calorie-free hot herbal tea or warm water. In 20 minutes you will see whether it was real hunger.

How to stay hydrated when it's cold outside: at
Proper hydration is essential in winter as much as in summer

And a few more words about winter beverages: try to go decaf after noon. We mean entirely decaf; opt for herbal teas or a glass of water. Say ‘no’ to sodas and alcohol; there is absolutely no use there. In fact, they only dehydrate your body. And be careful with freshly squeezed juices- no more than 2-3 cups a day.

3. Set Your Daily Water Goal With a Trendy App

Why not ask for help, or, rather, a gentle kick to make it easier for you to remember to stay well hydrated? There are many water applications that will remind you to drink water throughout the day, in addition to before, during and after workouts- WaterTime, WaterEveryday, WaterIntake, DrinkMinder, and WaterTracker – to name just a few. Most of them are absolutely free and delightful to use.

A tip: add flavor, such as a slice of lemon, to make your water more delicious still calorie-free

4. Eat Hydrating Food

The truth is that fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of water. And most of them contain vitamin C to refill your energy and compensate the lack of sunny days. Apples, oranges, and pears should be within a hand’s reach at your home.

Treat yourself with a celery smoothie. Chop one medium stalk celery, add a cup of fresh baby spinach and blend with two cups of water- and you’ll boost your water intake! Apart from water (up to 95%), celery has many vitamins to support you during a cold season.

How to stay hydrated when it's cold outside:
Herbal tea will help you stay warm and hydrated during the day

The same is fair for broccoli, another green source of vitamins, which should be consumed to help improve hydration because of its high water content. And it also has cancer-fighting and immune-boosting properties.

5. Reconsider your Attitude to the Soups

Pumpkin and ginger soup, creamy spinach soup, classic minestrone and many others- a very tasty way to stay hydrated and warm! We recommend using high water content vegetables such as cucumber, celery, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and zucchini. The beauty of spicy winter soups is that they are a low-calorie choice for cold-weather family dinners. Also, a light vegetable soup could serve as a snack in the mid-morning or afternoon.

6. Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers are great for you for a number of reasons, such as improvement of sleep, cold prevention, and moisturizing your skin. Obviously, in the winter our homes tend to be dry due to heating the air. A humidifier (or a bowl of water, placed near the source of heating) could be a rescue.

How to stay hydrated - at
Stay hydrated and enjoy your day!

7. Get Outside More

Beat your instinct to stay at home till spring comes. Staying inside dry heated homes and offices can dry you out. Go for a walk a few times per week or join a local running club, take sightseeing tours… And if possible, take your workout outdoors.

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