Top Stories of the Week/29.10-04.11/Fitvize

How to stay productive while waiting. What secrets do fit-trackers hide from you? Have you ever considered becoming a water sommelier or an enough-with-the-fear-of-fat activist? We diligently curated the latest content of top online resources, and here is a short and sweet bundle of the most popular and inspiring stuff in the passing week. It’s simply fit-wizy.

1. Enough with the fear of fat, by Kelli Jean Drinkwater, TED Talk

In this hilarious yet serious talk artist and activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater suggests we get rid of fatphobia, shift society’s reluctance to embrace diversity and start to celebrate the myriad ways there are to have a body. The beauty of this talk is Kelly provokes listener to recognize his/her inert fears, laugh at them and, eventually, get read of them – and become a better person. Just read these lines to be inspired enough to watch this talk entirely.

“I’m not sure if any of you have noticed, but I’m fat… You may have wondered, consciously or not, if I have diabetes or a partner, or if I eat carbs after 7 pm…. You may have worried that you ate carbs after 7 pm last night and that you really should renew your gym membership.”

Definitely, this talk is worth spending 10 minutes of your time.

2. Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and Mio fitness bands criticized for privacy failings, by Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch

Have you ever wondered how much personal information about your health and activities you give up while using wearable fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone, and others? And more importantly, how all that information is used? All of the wristbands collect more data than what is necessary to provide the service. Apparently, this data can be exploited for direct marketing and price discrimination purposes. Read this article to get a full picture.

3. A Sommelier for Water? Seven Ways Somms Are Moving Past Wine, by Elin McCoy, Bloomberg

“Stay hydrated and eat well” is very last century. Healthy living community, expanding worldwide, defines what professions will flourish in the nearest future. Moreover, water sommelier is fast becoming a new trend. You think you can correctly pair water with food? Perhaps, you are wrong. Read this article and look for water sommelier courses nearby!

4. Yoga can injure you. Here’s how to find a class that won’t, by Matthew Remski, The Guardian

There is a long story dispute among yoga teachers, association, and devotees whether yoga teaching should be ultimately certified and regulated as medical practice. The author of the article shares the thought that if there are yoga injuries to worry about, they’re not primarily from particular postures or inadequate teacher training. No yoga teacher can guarantee yoga safety. Instead, a teacher can create an atmosphere where injuries from practicing yoga are very unlikely. As a bonus – a few pieces of advice on how to find a good teacher, who will help you to enjoy the class.

You may also be interested in “How to Choose a Personal Trainer (and Gym). Part 1” and “How to Choose a Personal Trainer (and Gym). Part 2”

5. Overthinkers May Be Smarter And More Creative Than Everyone Else, by Lindsay Holmes, The Huffington Post

Just in case you needed a little validation for “thinking too much,” this article suggests a few science-backed ways overthinking is actually beneficial to your life. We found it lovely to have one more reason to boost self-confidence 🙂

You may also like “5 Fresh Tips to Work Smarter”

6. How To Stay Productive, Even While You’re Waiting On Clients, by Chris Myers, Forbes

Get a few suggestions on how to avoid frustration while waiting. We think these tips worth your time because can apply to any situation that challenges your patience. The author suggests he has found that it is possible to stay productive and positive throughout the process.

“Take advantage of the downtime to define the customer experience, focus on details and foster positivity in your team. If you do, you’ll find that you can transform long sales cycles and waiting into a significant competitive advantage.”

7. How to Be Perfectly Unhappy, by the Oatmeal

Nowadays, when being positive is the must, this comics is your resort to breathing out and be your exciting, fascinated, and peaceful self.

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