Fall Bucket List: Fun Things to Do in Autumn

Autumn is not only about constant rain and post-summer sadness. It’s also about bright colours outdoors, warm cocoa and cozy blankets, and so many really fun things to do! Just follow our guide, check off items as you complete them, and then add your own favourite activities!

  1. Play in the leaves
  2. Create a positivity playlist and listen to it every morning
  3. Buy a colourful umbrella
  4. Bake something special with vanilla scented sugarhttps://fitvize.com: How to cheer yourself UP this autumn
  5. Catch up with friends for a chat and hot tea 
  6. Add something colourful to your wardrobe
  7. Dance wherever you can
  8. Take a course of massage
  9. Join a book club, or read at homehttps://fitvize.com: how to cheer yourself up this fall
  10. Watch some tutorials on how to learn new crafts on YouTube, and then try to do what you have learned
  11. Go and meet friends outdoors
  12. Plan weekend breaks
  13. Order spicy food (try spicy pumpkin soup)https://fitvize.com: how to cheer yourself up this fall
  14. Enjoy your favourite coffee
  15. Embrace your inner child and have fun jumping over puddles
  16. Combine a cup of hot cocoa and a good book to read
  17. Sign up to an online painting coursehttps://fitvize.com: How to cheer yourself up this fall
  18. Buy a packet of ten postcards and send a note to your friends
  19. Run yourself a bath
  20. Write down your dream list and keep it in your pocket
  21. Get a good nights’ sleep
  22. Go to a park and feed the ducks. As one blogger confesses, “Ducks are my favorite animals, besides cats. Ducks have it all – they can float, they can swim, they can fly and they can waddle adorably.”

Enjoy your autumn! And we would LOVE to hear Your ideas below!

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