Five Confidence Boosters You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered how you can gain more confidence and increase self – esteem? Perhaps you would love to know how to confidently approach a guy (or girl), how to speak confidently in public or what to do if you feel confident about yourself but other people do not appreciate you? We have all the answers for you here! Along with a little extra thing to cheer you up – what to eat to lose weight gain more self-confidence. You will also find a list of fitvize resources if you feel thirsty for more tips on how to boost your confidence.

Before figuring out what to do, let’s start with why it is worth doing. What are the benefits of being confident? In addition to those benefits you are already aware of, we can highlight the following

Five Benefits of Being Confident

1. Confident people have satisfying relationships. People want to be around happy, confident people. In fact, all our moods are contagious to some extent. If you surround yourself with active, confident, happy people you are far more likely to have higher self-esteem than if you surround yourself with negative people. The way we feel around a person often determines the relationship we want to have with them. So, confidence nurtures meaningful relationships.

5 Ways to gain more confidence: at
Confidence can help you get your dream job

2. Confident people are more trustworthy. This could be a great benefit during work negotiations, when looking for employment, or when closing deals. Confident (but not cocky) people transmit the message of success and appeal to our core wish to succeed in spheres that matter to us. On the flip side, why would we trust a person who doesn’t believe in his/her own competences and abilities?

3. Confident people have brighter lives. Because the fear of failure doesn’t paralyse them, they start new things, look for inspiring adventures and, therefore, have more opportunities to savour the joys of life.

5 Confidence boosters you need to know - at
Confident people have really bright lives

4. Confident people look more attractive. Yes, it is quite a subjective topic, but is the perception of others not what attraction is all about? Recent research shows that unconsciously we label a confident person as healthy, energetic and attractive. We are even more likely to go on date with him/her.

5. Confident people live happier lives than others. While it is disputable whether happy people live longer, it is proven than people with low self-esteem are prone to depression and drastic mood swings.

Five Must-Know Confidence Boosters - at
Be confident – enjoy your life!

So, here comes the good news: confidence is not a genetic trait. You can nourish your confidence and take measurable steps to become a better, more confident you. Let’s learn how.

Five Little – Known Ways to Boost Your Confidence

1. Remember your goals and aspirations. Keep in mind your big dreams and track the steps you have taken to achieve them. It is easier to be confident when you know you are doing the right things in the right way. If you have postponed your dream project – perhaps it is the right time to launch it.

2. Get feedback from your peers. Don’t be shy, ask your friends and colleagues what they think of you (you can do it via email if you feel it overwhelmingly intimate). There is a high chance you will be pleasantly surprised and inspired by the answers: vey often people admire our traits or actions that we think to be unimportant and not worth being proud of. But avoid comparison – real life is not posted on Facebook.

Five Confidence Boosters You Need to Know:
Ask your peers to give you a feedback: it can boost your confidence!

Learn more how your surroundings influence you: 10 Facts About Motivation in Sports

3. Celebrate your inner introvert. You are not shy in conversations – you are a thought-provoking listener, you are not a loner – you respect others’ privacy, and you are not just a person who avoids Facebook – you are not a chitter chatterer, therefore – you have every reason to be confident in yourself.

4. Improve your posture. Yes, it is true: good posture can dramatically raise our self-assurance. According to recent medical research, the level of testosterone, a hormone responsible for confidence, rises by 25% in two minutes when you straighten your back. It turns out, our body language not only influences the way others perceive us, it can also change our view on ourselves and nourish self-confidence.

Furthermore, taking a high-power position (straightening the back and elongating the spine), increases your chances in job interviews and negotiations. This is directly related to the universal principle of the animal world, where straightening upright is a nonverbal expression of power, dominance and success.

Check out our Non-Yawn Inducing Guide on How to Improve Posture

Check out to know 5 ways to boost confidence
Balanced food helps you stay in good mood

5. Eat healthy. Balanced nutrition lifts your mood and makes you feel more confident about yourself. Eat more fish to cheer yourself up, have a bite of dark chocolate every other day to improve concentration and feel happy, and consider cherry tomatoes a good snack to smooth your shifting moods. A little party never hurts anybody: it is ok to step out of your diet from time to time.

As promised, a thoroughly crafted list of  useful resources:

  • Your body language shapes who you are, Amy Cuddy – a second most popular TED talk ever
  • Be an opportunity maker, Kare Anderson – a must watch TED Talk for every shy person
  • How to stop worrying and start living, Dale Carnegie – this book is worth to be read again!


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